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$50 Mystery Box

  • $50 Mystery Box
  • $50 Mystery Box
  • $50 Mystery Box

A Music Never Stopped Mystery Box is a gift box designed just for you and is filled with a random assortment of items that can include all NEW Tees, Hats, Patches, Pins, Limited Editions, One Off's, gear, accessories and a few surprises!

We only sell a select number of these a few different times of the year.

Retail value is usually close to DOUBLE the cost your paying. So if your buying a $50 Box, the contents are worth up to $100 or Pay $100 and get approx $200 of merchandise etc!!

We have different price levels for our mystery boxes. These boxes range from $25 to $500. The value that we give in items will go up as you move up to the higher priced items so the more you spend with us the higher the proportion of value in items we will give back. All items sent are brand new, not used or broken unlike some other boxes that might be out there.

➡️➡️➡️Include your shirt size please!!